What is the reverse weekend?

Exactly what it sounds like. 5 days off, 2 days on.

What is the reverse weekend?
5 on 2 off 5 off 2 what?

Basically, we've made good enough machines and worked hard enough for long enough we should be able to make some crazy adjustments and still keep going basically as we've been going on before.

Additionally, swapping could completely re-frame our perception of work, making it more of a hobby than an obligation. This shift in perspective could unlock limitless potential across a population so large.

Cutesy graph of development of hours worked and productivity (GDP) per capita. Src: IGZA, Maddison (2007)
Human achievement and the history of productivity
Looking at food, labor and knowledge milestones of productivity, this infographic traces productivity improvements over the millennia and across the globe.
Further reading and the source for the development graph above

I know you might have questions but I think that's enough work for 2 days.