Celebrating 100 Years Since Appeal To Reason's final publication

A historic rag returns to the modern era

After Julius Wayland's suicide in 1912 Appeal to Reason slowly withdrew from it's left-wing position in favor of more lucrative publishing pursuits, and an honored voice finally perished on the scant American hillsides of Democracy. 100 years later, in today's connected world where it is all too easy to find a polarized opinion The Appeal would like to return its voice to sing to the rafters, a song of human rights and progressive policy across the arid plains of reasonable discourse.

Though we will publish unchanged portions of historic publications of The Appeal, modern submissions should and will be decidedly less pushy about Socialism this and Socialists that, with core focus resting on rights, labor, and quality of life in a highly connected modern world.

Consider this a globalist progressive perspective instead of straight socialism.  

Consider the issues

What issues? How can one stand on them without being sure they will get sucked in and drown?

The Appeal argues for the impossible;

  • The Truth
  • A guaranteed living wage to every poor soul unwillingly roped into life on this rock
  • The Reverse Weekend
  • Expansive and encompassing privacy and digital rights legislation in the United States drafted by informed parties
  • Firearm legislation and administrative reform designed to both combat accidental and purposeful gun violence while making the hobby safer and more accessible for hunters, target shooters, and competitors
  • Powerful action against nonsense political redistricting
  • Incentive to reduce single-family zoning in municipalities across the United States
  • Stratification of political organization in the United States
  • Wind, tidal, rooftop solar, and nuclear energy
  • Nuclear nonproliferation; de-armament
  • Investment in education by subsidizing teacher salaries; reform in educational structure designed around story-telling and skill-building
  • Single-payer healthcare step-stone to Universal Healthcare
  • Public-health minded drug policy; full legalization
  • Reform in pay and work scheduling for resident physicians and medical students; exploitation reduction
  • Incentives for and assistance to volunteer Fire and Emergency Medical organizations domestically and abroad
  • Global military presence by force of example more-so than example of force
  • Recognition for the work of American Farmers through direct payment; assurance swinging markets no longer mean year to year hardship. Investment in automation to reduce manual workload, and combating brain and body drain with incentives for research and skill-building
  • Industry agnostic support for unionization; federal support and resources in hopes of protecting workers and reducing corruption and obstruction
  • Federal commitment to Build for Zero in every community in the United States and her territories within ten years
  • Bicycle and pedestrian focused infrastructure, investment in shading heat islands in America's urban centers
  • Vehicle to vehicle (V2V) specifications for automated collision avoidance and "Level 6" self-driving cars; fleet behavior, traffic control, and distributed sensing
  • Comprehensive and accessible sex education; love and respect for reproductive health in policy and societies public view
  • Net-neutrality
  • Trust-busting
  • FDA and USDA regulation of dietary supplements, medication approval regulation reform
  • Universal planetary identity while conserving traditional and ecological regard for existing international borders
  • Return to the moon
  • and beyond

What do we do?

We write, and while we don't adhere to some self-invented version of defunct fairness doctrine, we do welcome and encourage dissenting views to be published on our platform. Be fairly warned, if your piece doesn't make the cut for publication in one of the topics, it is free to be placed in the Looney Bin.

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